CONFERENCE //Yolanda Domínguez

FRIDAY 10th MAY. 19.30H


Art can change the world, and that is one of the reasons why Yolanda Domínguez, an artist who is an expert in communication and gender, uses it to awaken social awareness and empower people. Her way of working consists of creating actions that relate people to each other and in turn generate communities that manifest themselves with respect to a conflict.

It is in this direction that she has directed her studies of Fine Arts, carried out at the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as the Master in Art and New Technologies and the Master in Photography carried out at the European University of Madrid and at the EFTI School of Photography respectively.

Its projects address social issues related to gender and consumption. In 2013 he buried several bloggers under the rubble of the Gran Vía to make an appeal for responsible production, and in his best known work, ‘Poses’, he asked several women to imitate in the street the poses with which models are represented in magazines, and that already accumulates more than a million reproductions on Youtube, transcending even beyond our borders.

It is in 2014 when it organizes its collective action ‘Registry’: women from all over Spain mobilized to go en masse to the Property Registries to request ownership of their body, following the controversy over the Draft Abortion Law. In 2015, it launches the counter-campaign ‘Accesorias y accesibles’, in protest of a sexist advertisement for a famous brand of glasses. The action was a great success within the sector, with many media that published it. Its ‘Children vs. Fashion’, in which a group of children comment on the fashion campaigns of recent years, was awarded in 2016 by the Design Museum in London.

In 2010 she was awarded a scholarship by the Spanish Ministry of Culture for the Promotion of Spanish Art Abroad, and in 2014 she received a special mention in the ‘Freedom of Expression’ awards along with the winning newspaper ‘The Guardian’. It also stands out for its exhibitions in different museums, such as El Museo del Traje in Madrid or the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and others of recognised prestige outside our borders, such as Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York, Streitfeld Projektraum in Munich, Open Systems in Vienna or Rojo Artspace in Milan.

Currently, he combines his artistic life with the educational field, collaborating with different universities and schools around the world through workshops and conferences. She is also a professor of ‘Image as a tool for social transformation’ in the Master of Contemporary Photography at the EFTI school in Madrid and carries out specific actions for social organisations from all over the world, such as Greenpeace, Médicos del Mundo or She is also a columnist at Huffington Post Spain, where she writes weekly about the representation of women in the media.


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