TMI (Too Much Information) //Curators: Paloma Sagüez, Rodolfo Muñoz y Clara Broseta

09th may to 27th may  2018 

La Posta


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TMI (Too much information) is an acronym used to tell someone else that you are sharing too much information and that it is private or embarrassing.

TMI derives from social networks and is transferred to the sample as a reference to the large amount of information to which we are currently susceptible, and at the same time it fulfills the function of questioning the personal filter that each one generates to manage the information they receive.

The following exhibition seeks to reflect on the forms of mediation of images within the massmedia using as a reference point three of the best-selling newspapers in Spain, El País, El Mundo and La Vanguardia.

The newspapers serve as communication tools that seek to inform about the most relevant events of the moment, for this purpose each one of them creates internal selection criteria favouring certain news over others. Within the newspapers the cover represents the most predominant space, in which the images play a privileged role, they are the ones that portray and connote those events in different ways.

With the introduction of new platforms, which aim to connect their users, a struggle between the media has been unraveling. New spaces such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter serve as a source of information to keep your viewers updated on the latest news. These platforms have been set up as they create a more immediate connection with reality or with one another, and media such as the print media have become obsolete.

In the new interconnected media, the hierarchy of images is not exercised from the notion of the cover image, as it is in the case of newspapers, but is established from the degree of interest that users have in them.

These new platforms have allowed viewers to be producers of their images, turning them into active agents in shaping our imaginary. This translation of roles allows us to question the hegemonic power that the mass media creates over its audience.

The exhibition contrasts these two categories of media to generate a space that allows us to reflect on the different forms of visual representation today through the media.


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