Management of photographic projects: Preproduction, financing and diffusion channels.


WINNER GRANT PHOTON 2015 (#premioollerosphotonfestival)

DAYS: 3, 4 & 5 of may 2017

3 days 16 hours.

Price: 120€

Máximum number of students: 15

Venue: Centre Cultural La Nau

C/ Universitat 2

If you’re interested send us a mail:

Taller Corso -Photon 2017



The course is mainly aimed at photographers who want to become professionals, with projects under development, and who are interested in: A – Make them possible thanks to the good management of available resources; B – Make them profitable using strategies of communication and dissemination of the resulting material in the different formats within our reach.

For this, the workshop will be divided into two parts. The first of theoretical nature will cover the three main phases of the development of a project. The second will focus on the assessment, analysis and comments of the project proposals provided by the students.

Pre-production: ways of financing to carry out our projects without mortgaging our private savings (scholarships, sponsors, collaborating entities, etc.)

Formalization: Our project can materialize in many different ways. Not all Jobs are suitable for a given formalization, but it is interesting to know all the possibilities to study them before starting to photograph, because it will open the range of faces to spread our work and reach a wider audience or create works that complement each other. Emphasis will be placed on the value of multidisciplinary teamwork.

Resources: Before approaching a project and once completed we should ask: What do I have? What can I offer as added value? Who would be interested? (Personal tour as author, prizes, broadcast channels, festivals, showrooms, sponsorship agreements, international projection, etc.)


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