Ruom is a collective of journalists based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, specializing in social reportage throughout Southeast Asia.

In Khmer “Ruom Kanea” means all together, or going together. Ruom is an organic collaboration between photographers, journalists, videographers, and researchers, drawn together by a passion for social documentary work. It is a space to showcase regional and international projects undertaken by our members with the aim of giving voice to global issues that may be underreported by the mainstream media.


Founded in 2012, the KAGE COLLECTIVE is a group of eight international photographers focussed on storytelling and documentary work. Its members—Patrick La Roque, Derek Clark, Robert Catto, Flemming Bo Jensen, Craig Litten, Bert Stephani, Vincent Baldensperger and Kevin Mullins—all share a common goal, to explore and revisit the boundaries of visual expression. From their statement of intent:


“This is not about forced reality. It is not about pure reportage without intent. It is about resolute interpretations of the moment. The eye as ghost and poet and translator. We believe in interaction without interference, in rogue infiltrations borne out of respect. The image as truth and as point of view. We vow to be shadows. We vow to search for light.”


Retina Photo Collective is a group of 7 photographers who met whilst at university and decided that by working together, they could give their work exposure to a greater number of people. The collective examines human and social issues in both the U.K. and overseas with the aim of producing strong and uncompromising images to draw attention to those issues.


The Activestills collective was established in 2005 by a group of Israeli and international photographers, out of a strong conviction that photography is a vehicle for social and political change. We view ourselves as part of the struggle against all forms of oppression, racism, and violations of the basic right to freedom. We work on various topics in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel, including; the Palestinian popular struggle against the Israeli occupation, African refugee’s struggle for asylum, women’s rights, immigration, economical oppression, social justice struggles, Israeli attacks on Gaza, housing rights, animal rights and more.


Photographers: Ahmad al-Bazz, Fiaz Abu-Rmeleh, Shiraz Grinbaum, Keren Manor, Anne Paq, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Yotam Ronen, Tess Scheflan, Oren Ziv, Basel Yazouri. Producer: Mirela Gallardo Avellan


BME are :

Don Hudson

Zisis Kardianos

Andrew Kochanowski

Alexandros Konstantinakis Karmis

Simon Kossoff

Frédéric Le Mauff

TC Lin

JB Maher


Justin Sainsbury

Jack Simon

Justin Vogel

Burn My Eye is a new breed of street photography collective of 12 photographers, defining ourselves as lovers of un-posed photography and sharing the same vision on how to photograph our surroundings and how to express ourselves through the act of photographing.

Even if we share the same literacy regarding photography, each of us expresses however a particular sensibility. The collective is thus rich of many singular bodies of work, from surreal street photography to plastician candid photography, in passing by public space and people imagery.


Burn My Eye counts 6 different nationalities spread in 7 different countries (USA, UK, Greece, Eire, France, Taiwan and Japan).

AFREEKYAMA WEB / LINKS : Selim Harbi : Oualid Khelifi :

Afreekyama is a panafrican collective and a cross-media platform dedicated to photojournalism and creative multimedia storytelling.

Founded in 2013 by Selim Harbi and Oualid Khelifi, Afreekyama´s motto is : Look South ! a synergic vision to promote a real trans-african critical discours and to empower visual storytelling culture in the continent.


Sub is a photograpic cooperative born in Buenos Aires in late 2004. The Project is composed for 7 members. In Buenos Aires: Gisela Volá, Nicolás Pousthomis, Gerónimo Molina, Martín Barzilai, Verónica Borsani and Gabriela Mitidieri. In Madrid: Olmo Calvo Rodríguez.


His work explores the creation of a collective identity and photographic research. Sub members share ideas to establish common and reachable horizons where go to. The constant research and learning, discussion and consensus, is a bet in common in developing ideas and strategies to make this project a collective work that has already been 10 years, continue beating. It is also a collaborative space in which not only are involved six photographers, but actively participating designers, journalists, writers and historians, in an attempt to complicate from multiple tools and different languages, narratives that develop. “Because we are storytellers above all.”

STRANGERS WEB / LINKS : is an international photography collective. We are a group of artists and creative professionals that are united in supporting one another as well as the greater creative community. Founded in 2010, the members collaborate on a variety of projects including short stories, extended photo essays, and multi-layered projects. By weaving individual members’ photos into more complex depictions, we present unique, one of a kind, narratives showing the subtle strangeness hidden behind everyday reality. With the collectives’ strength in numbers and geography, we are able to present narratives that would otherwise be impossible for any one person.

The strange – The stranger – The


Supay fotos is a collective that practice documentary photography as a tool for dissemination and interpretations of Peruvian culture. Formed in 2007 by six photographers (Ernesto Benavides, Max Cabello, Roberto Cáceres, Marco Garro, Adrián Portugal y Giancarlo Shibayama), performs in-depth documentary essays in multimedia format and in some cases of collective authorship. They have participated in the Documentary Photography Biennale of Tucumán, Labyrinth of Views / meeting and exhibition of Latin American photographic collectives (Sao Paulo), Photoquai / Photography Biennial World (Paris), E-CO / meeting groups in Europe and Latin America (Madrid). They have published photographs in media such as New Yorker, Le Monde, Time, El País, Black Label, El sueño de la Razón, GEOFrance and The Guardian.


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