The aim of the contest is to support the evolution of young students in their efforts to communicate using documentary photography as a language.


Photon Festival launches in 2018 a new grant for young photographers. The new Enrique Algarra prize for students developing photographic projects is personally sponsored by Enrique Algarra, photographer and professor at the EASD in Valencia for over 30 years, collaborator of the agency Fotostock. He has participated in numerous photographic reference projects and has just published his first book, Eclipse.

PhotOn Festival makes a great effort to reward those photographers who, even without a consolidated professional career, present solid works in the field of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking. The Enrique Algarra Prize is part of the context of the PhotOn Scholarship, which in its 7 years of existence has selected and promoted the work of nearly 70 young talents in photojournalism.

With the Enrique Algarra Award, the PhotOn Scholarship is extended to students of all ages, nationalities and careers (up to a maximum of 2 years after completing their studies) who are interested in photography and find it to be a language of communication.


1.      Children and adults (letter of authorization from parents or guardians required if they are minors) may participate.

2.      The authors, regardless of their nationality or place of residence, must prove that they are studying or that two years have not passed since the end of their studies.  Students of any career will be admitted.

3.      Original documentary works in a wide spectrum: Documentary reportage, documentary portrait, documentary architecture… and it can be a’ work in progress’ as long as it has enough entity of its own, enough body to tell a story.

4.      The work submitted for the Enrique Algarra Prize cannot be presented as a candidate for the rest of the PhotOn Festival Scholarship awards. In case of duplication of presentations, the work will be excluded from both calls. However, different projects will be accepted, one for each PhotOn Scholarship award, even if they have been presented by the same author. 

5.      All candidates agree to be registered in the PhotOn Festival newsletter to keep them informed of the latest news and information about the festival. PhotOn Festival undertakes not to sell or transfer this database to third parties.

6.      The finalist authors accept the assignment to PhotOn Festival of 4 of their images, to be chosen by the Festival from those presented to the scholarship, for publication in press and all types of media and social networks, always expressing that it must be published in the framework of the festival and to give publicity and promotion to both the author and the festival. The images will always be accompanied by the author’s signature.


  1. The presentation of the works will be done in digital format through the form provided on the website www.photonfestival.com. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 23:59 hours on 10 March 2018 (GMT +1)
  2. It will be possible to present a single photographic series or report, consisting of up to 20 images at most, sent as digital files in jpeg format of 1,500 pixels the longest side and a maximum of 1.5 Mb of weight per image file. No project in video or other format (pdf, tiff, ppt) not described in these guidelines will be accepted. The organization of the prize reserves the right to request the highest resolution files in order to correctly assess the technical quality.
  3. The documents to be attached to the candidature will be essential and the absence of any of them will directly disqualify the contest. To participate, candidates must submit the following documents via the digital form hosted on the PhotOn Festival website:

a.      MEMORIA TÉCNICA DEL TRABAJO. Memoria que incluya la justificación del trabajo, una breve memoria técnica y objetivo del trabajo que presenta.

b.      LETTER OF MOTIVATION. A brief “emotional curriculum vitae” in which the candidate explains the reasons for her passion for photography, what photographic work she has done in the last two years, and what other award she has taken part in/won.

c.      Certificate of studies issued by the school or university where they were taken. The certificate shall specify the date of the certificate, the date of its termination if it has been terminated.


1.      Enrique Algarra will review all the submitted works and will select a maximum of 15 finalists who will pass to the final selection phase.

2.      The finalist entries will be reviewed and evaluated by the international jury of the PhotOn Festival Scholarship, which will be responsible for selecting the winner of the award. 

3.      During the deliberations, Enrique Algarra may be present without voice and without vote, but in the event of a tie, Enrique Algarra will have the final vote to determine the winning work.

4.      The jury will assess the technical quality and content of the proposal. 

5.      The prize could not be declared void.


1.      Opening of the call for proposals and presentation of projects: 

    From 9 November 2017 to 10 March 2018

2.       Selección de finalistas: 1 al 5 de abril de 2018, por parte de Enrique Algarra.

3.        April 9th. The finalists will receive by mail in their homes the notification of having been selected as finalists. This notification will take the form of an SD memory card, which will include a message with indications from Enrique Algarra. Finalists must show their finalist status on social networks by video following the instructions received

4.      Jury vote and choice of winner: Week Photon festival May 2018

5.      Scholarship winning announcement: Saturday 12 May 2018, Photon Festival activity week. 


For participation in the Enrique Algarra Prize, a fee of 5€ has been established. The payment must be made through the same form and only those works that have paid the corresponding amount per participation will be accepted.


Participation in the Enrique Algarra Prize presupposes the acceptance of the rules that govern it and are exposed publicly in this call. For any doubts or clarifications about them, you can contact the organization by email noveles@photonfestival.com

Simply by participating, photographer credited authoring all pictures and none of them in any way contravenes any public or private law.

PhotOn Festival reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the requirements and conditions specified in this call




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