Since 12th of may Mercado Central Plaza Ciudad de Brujas, s/n, 46001 Valencia Horary: de 08.00h a 14.30h from monday to saturday. Calcio Storico The Calcio Fiorentino is an early form of football. The official rules of Calcio were written for the first time in 1580 by Giovanni de Bardi. Originally the Calcio was played for rich aristocrats and even Popes were know to play. Now, the tournament is held the third week of june at the La Santa Croce Square. Four teams representing the neighborhoods of Florence face each other in the first semifinals. The winners go to the final played every year on june 24, the day of the Saint Patron of Florence, San Giovanni. The final winner is honored with a cow. The teams are formed by 27 players and the ball can be played either with feet or hands, they can fight using tactics such a punching, elbowing and all martial art techniques, but forbids kicks to the head an fights of two or more against one. The playing field is a giant sand pit with a narrow slit constituting the goal running the width of each end. The Calcio Storico was not played for 200 years reviving in 1930. In 2006 the tournament was suspended for 2 years after big riots between the White team and the Blue Team….


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