PACIFICATION// 12 may – 7 june 2014 Sala Lametro. Metro Colón Station.

BIOGRAPHY Rafael S.Fabrés (Madrid, Spain, 1982). Graduated in Media Communications by the UEM in Spain, degree in Photography at EFTI School in Madrid. Became a freelance photographer in 2008. Currently based in Brazil as a stringer for Deutsche Presse Agentur, Getty Images and El Pais, after two years living in Haiti. Clients Der Spiegel, Time, Paris Match, Le Monde, El Pais, Rolling Stone, Aljazeera, Gatopardo, L´Express, De Volkskrant, Dagens Naeringsliv, Wild Magazine, GEO Magazine, The Daily Beast, Wired, Canon, The Record, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Yodona, FishEye, Mia Magazine. Awards 2013- POYi Award of Excellece News Story Category. 2013- Exhibition Visa pour l’image Festival, Perpignan. 2013- Photocrati Fund Honorable Mention. 2013- Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Grant Finalist. 2013- Exhibition Les Rencontres d’Arles Festival. 2012- PX3 Bronze Award Press-War Category. 2012- International Photography Awards Honorable Mention. 2012- Attended the EDDIE ADAMS Workshop XXV. 2012- Prix ANI (Association Nationale des Iconographes) Finalist. RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL. Preparing for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro launched a security program called “UPP,” Police Pacification Unit. UPPs are permanent police posts installed in the “favelas,” the sprawling shantytowns that house hundreds of thousands of the city residents. Their mission is to eliminate drug trafficking and organized crime within these communities. While many believe that UPPs have helped quell violence by opening the doors of the favelas to public services such as legal electricity supply, garbage collection, education, public works and social assistance program, others see the Pacification Program as a temporary cover-up to security problems in Rio de Janeiro with social disparity. When the Olympics end up in 2016, they say, everything will be what it was. The ultimate goal of this work is to conduct an objective portrait of how the protagonists of this story (Military Police, inhabitants of the Favleas, drug dealers and ordinary citizens) deal with the effects of this Pacification, aiming to bring light to questions such as: What will happen to the city after the Sport Events are done? Will the project have a long-term impact? How will it affect issues such as endemic violence, drug and gun trafficking or real state speculation after the Pacification?


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