The Photon Festival grant increases its international promotion with a prize in Mexico

The winner of the 2019 Photon Festival grant will receive an economic prize of 1,000€, the production of a minimum of 100 books of the #LaImprentaCGBecaPhotonPrizePrize and a Sigma objective of the #SigmaBecaPhotonPrize.
In 2019, the Photon Festival grant increases international promotion by creating a new exhibition award with Luz del Norte, Monterrey-Mexico. In 2019, the Photon Festival grant increases international promotion by creating a new exhibition prize with Luz del Norte, Monterrey-Mexico. In order to promote the finalists of the scholarship, it initiates a collaboration agreement with the mexican market due to its great cultural potential. Giving the finalists the opportunity to enter a market with an enormous cultural activity. The European promotion award, #PhenBecaPhoton Award, in this edition comes from the hand of Photo Romania Festival which will produce an exhibition to be exhibited in its 2020 edition in Romania.

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For the ninth consecutive year, the PhotOn Festival continues to support young talent in the field of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking by announcing the PhotOn 2019 Grant, which comes with five awards and important novelties. As a novelty, the international promotion reaches Mexico. With this award, PhotOn Festival aims to increase the visibility of the winners of the PhotOn Grant. In addition, the festival maintains its commitment to being an international shuttle for new talents and in this edition it announces the Photo European Network (PHEN) Prize in charge of Photo Romania Festival, which will choose a winner from among the finalists and will produce an exhibition for its 2020 edition at its festival in Romania. In the 2018 edition, the festival received numerous works from 28 countries around the world, making the PhotOn Grant a competition with international works of very diverse subject matter and origin. As every year, the PhotOn Festival rewards authors of any age and nationality who, even without a consolidated professional trajectory, present solid and interesting works of documentary and photojournalism. Through the PhotOn grant, up to 90 new authors have had the opportunity to show their work to numerous publishers and photography professionals; project their multimedia on festival nights and have even been able to be awarded grants to participate in various international festivals thanks to European promotion in the Photo Europe Network, a European network of festivals of which PhotOn Festival is a founding member.

The IX edition of the festival is carried out thanks to the sponsorship of the Cañada Blanch Foundation and with the La Nau Cultural Centre as its official headquarters. In 2019, PhotOn has La Imprenta GC, One Shot Hotels and Sigma to sponsor the PhotOn Grant awards. In addition, as collaborators and media partners with Valencia City Council, EMT València, Metrovalencia and Cerveza Turia as official beer. Photon grant: 5 prizes worth a total of 8,000 € In this edition, the winner of the PhotOn Festival grant will receive a prize of 1,000€ and two of the festival’s five prizes: the #LaImprentaCGAwardPhotonGrant Prize and the #SigmaAwardPhotonGrant Prize.

#LaImprentaAwardCGPhotonGrant Prize: The prize will consist of the edition and production of a book, printed by La Imprenta CG, which will form part of the collection of books edited by PhotOn Festival. #SigmaAwardPhotonGrant Objective Sigma 35mm F1.4 series Art offered by Sigma Spain (Reflecta). Available in Sigma, Canon, Nikon and Pentax mounts. If the winner had an Emount Sony, they would be offered a Canon-mount lens plus an MC-11 E-mount adapter. These awards will be decided by a vote of all the professionals attending the festival (photojournalists, editors and directors of European festivals) and by the organisation of the Photon Festival. In addition, the PhotOn grant includes 3 more prizes.

#PHENAwardPhotonGrant: In the 2019 edition the #PHENBecaPhoton Award comes from the hand of Photo Romania Festival (Romania) that will choose one of the ten finalists to produce an exhibition that will be part of its 2020 edition.

#LuzdelNorteAwardPhotOnGrant:For the first time in 2019 we will have a prize in America together with our partners of Luz del Norte in Monterrey (Mexico). Luz del Norte will choose one of the ten finalists to produce an individual exhibition that will be part of its 2020 edition. #OneShotHotelsAwardPhotonGrant: The One Shot Hotels chain, independently and without the participation of the organization of the PhotOn Festival or any of the speakers attending the edition, will choose from among the ten finalists, the winner of the #OneShotelsAwardPhotonGrant, which will consist of an economic contribution of 500€ in cash.

A professional jury for the selection of finalists. This year the finalist jury of the PhotOn Festival grant is composed of: Alfredo de Stefano, considered one of the most important contemporary photographers in Mexico. His passion is the landscape and specifically that of the desert, a panorama that he has traveled countless times photographing and intervening in it. His work has been exhibited in the five continents, as well as in different capitals of the world such as: Mexico, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Madrid, Bogotá, Lima, Buenos Aires, among others. His photographs have appeared in numerous books and magazines and his work is in public and private collections in Mexico and abroad. Since 2008 he is a member of the National System of Creators. Cultural manager and director of the Contemporary Photography Contest of Mexico and Latin America, as well as the NL-Foto International Photography Festival in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico. He directs and founded the non-profit organization Luz del Norte Fotografía, A.C. dedicated to promoting and disseminating the diversity of Latin American photography through various platforms. Sebastian Vaida, director of PhotoRomania Festival. During the last ten and seven years he has moved in the area of photography, with different projects, either as a photographer, as a teacher or as a coordinator.

The PhotOn Festival grant has become an opportunity to put international photographers and publishers within the reach of novice photojournalists with the aim of boosting their professional careers. To this purpose, PhotOn Festival will have an international professional jury to select the 10 finalists of the scholarship after viewing each and every one of the submitted works. The PhotOn Festival is organized by a team of professional women in photojournalism and communication who fight for the promotion of photojournalism as a tool for social change. The festival organises talks, screenings, portfolio views and an exhibition circuit through the main cultural spaces in the centre of València.
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