7th may to 30th  may 2019



This exhibition is the result of links established thanks to the European network of festivals, PHEN. In addition, in this edition we add new collaboration with the NL-Foto International Photography Festival in Monterrey, Mexico.

The exposed authors are the winners in the calls generated between PhotOn Festival, Budapest Photo Festival and the NL-Foto International Photography Festival in Monterrey, Mexico.

Budapest Photo Festival:

TransX, by András Pólgar

Even at an early age, they knew that children had not been born nor would they grow up and live as men. As a result of surgeries (silicone breast implants, sometimes penile removal) and hormone therapy, they now live as women.

Trapped in the capital and the surrounding cities in the midst of the pressure of life. Their spirit does not diminish, they go ahead and fight for the life they desire. Seeking better opportunities, they move to the pearl of the Indonesian Archipelago, to the paradisiacal island called Bali.


Festival Internacional de Fotografía NL-Foto en Monterrey, México:

ExilEs, by  Eden Bernal

Exiles is a trans-media project about seven women who decided to move away from their husbands and form the society in order to break with the constant violence they suffered and to find the freedom that, due to its gender, was denied to them.

This process involved working with different media –photography, video, text and drawing–, and took different forms –a website, a film and a photo series and a photobook–, that constitute a body of work whose elements interact with each other and whose narrative weaves different stories, link unconnected horizons and make metaphors about central issues for women in Mexico: the violence against them, the lack of respect for their right to self-determination, and the need to break with the social constraints that gender implies.


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