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Her universe incorporates symbols alluding to witchcraft that she mixes with her written narrative, photographs, installations and videos that she unites by free association. Related to theories related to psychological manipulation and its influence on the continuation or rupture of the power professed by different social structures. His work also seeks to exercise a sinister freedom that has a strong relationship with chance and instinct and implies the destabilization of feminine canons that threaten the possibility of surpassing ethnic, sexual, moral, religious and political boundaries.

Liza Ambrossio’s work has been reviewed and presented by international critics, including: The British Journal of Photography, Houston’s El Fotofest, The Magnum Foundation, El País, Burn Magazine, Vogue Italy and L´Oeil de la Photographie.

Her work has been exhibited in several countries in Europe, Brazil and Mexico, including international fairs such as Photo London19; festivals such as Cortona On the Move, Encontros da image and FORMAT19; The museum Alberto Sampairo and El museo of Ghotenburg.

She has won the Belfast Festival Award 2019 and PHmuseum 2019 in the UK, PhEST in Italy, Voies Off in Arles, France, the FNAC New Talent in Spain, the Babel Gallery Award in Mexico and the Photo Magazine Discoveries Award in Germany. He has been awarded grants for production residencies in Iceland, the United States and Luxembourg 2017-2018.


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