LITTLE BLACK DRESS // Yolanda Domínguez

7th may to 9th june 2019



The myth of the black dress at the bottom of the wardrobe hides many monsters. Social monsters that constrain women.

Society encloses us in a perfect black dress in which we must all fit. Those that do not fit are not acceptable.

This project is about the influence and pressure exerted by the canons of the fashion world on the construction of the female body. In its beginnings, fashion was tailor-made for each client: the tailor made the designer’s dresses, adapting them to each woman’s body. With the advent of industrial production, garments began to be mass-produced, giving rise to “prêt-à-porter” (ready-to-wear garments). The predefined sizes pose a significant change: from this moment it is the woman’s body that has to adapt to the shape of the dress and not the other way around. Since then, collections, catalogues and fashion shows have been presented in a single size: the European size 38. The model of a white, young and thin woman becomes the stereotype and also extends to cinema, television and the media, making invisible the diversity of the female body in terms of sizes, shapes, race and age.

For this project Yolanda Domínguez has chosen a LBD (Little Black Dress) of the size 38 of a fast fashion brand. With this dress she is photographing women of all sizes, races and ages with the aim of generating an imaginary that shows the diversity of bodies as opposed to the limiting model. To some women the dress is small, to others large, but all pose in an attitude of power and proud of their body.




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