Saturday 12th  May – 17:30h
CENTRE CULTURAL LA NAU, Aula Magna. Free Access.

Ofelia de Pablo & Javier Zurita

Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita’s journeys as photojournalists and filmmakers have taken them to more than 60 countries bearing witness not only to violence and conflict, but also to surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit.

In the last years they’re well known for their adoption of hybrid visual storytelling, they’ve produced a number of influential multimedia films. With the multimedia tool they’ve gaining unique access to sensitive gender and human rights issues around the world. Their work has a multi-disciplinary approach, combining photography, writing, audio, video, and editing. They distinguish themselves through their depth of coverage, quality of production, and the unique content of their projects.

Their stories and multimedia work have been featured in the world’s foremost print and visual media, including The Guardian UK, The New York Times, TIME, Channel 4 News UK, Der Spiegel, National Geographic Magazine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Atlantic , GEO Special (Germany), GEO International (20 countries), The Observer (UK, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, El País , CNN+, Magazine La Vanguardia, among others.


They tell us:

“Photojournalism, as we have known it until now, has changed. New technologies have transformed photography and with it the way stories are told. In an increasingly global world, it is necessary to learn how to document with the help of new techniques and in this way ensure that documentary projects reach their target audiences”.





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