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Photon Festival has left the building and is taking over public spaces in València , transforming the city into one enormous exhibition in dialogue with daily life. The exhibition HOME, a collective exhibition product of the call made in 2016 by Photometria Festival (Greece), includes images of 25 authors reflecting around the concept of “home” anywhere in the world. A collective reflection on a private space to which we all wish to return at the end of the day.

Home is a collective exhibition created thanks to the call made each year by Photometria Festival (Ioannina, Greece). In 2016, the festival organized an international call for documentarist photographers to work around the “home” concept. The result is an eclectic collective exhibition full of color and images that make us travel around the world.

Photometria Festival takes place for eight years in the Greek city of Ioannina and has become a showcase for contemporary documentary photography and to support local and foreign photographers. Photometria Festival also promotes education and relations between cultural organizations and festivals in Greece and abroad.

This exchange of exhibitions takes place within the framework of the Photo Europe Network (PHEN), a network of European photography festivals of which Photon Festival is a partner and co-founder.

The 25 authors who make up the collective exhibition are:

Catalin Munteanu, Davide Palmisano, Leticia Ζica, Lorenzo Palombini, Nensi Bogdani, Tran Viet Van, Aggelos Christodoulakis, Apostolos Strantzalis, Vasilis Zaverdas, Yannis Robokos, Dimitris Vavouras, Kontantinos Gdontakis, Lefteris Paraskevaidis, Leonidas Mpakolas, Magdalini Kormpaki, Marilia Fotopoulou, Nikos Golias, Olia Paspalaki, Panagiotis Ziovas, Savvas Karapanagiotis, Stavros Stamatiou, Sotiris Tsagatakis, Tasos Chios, Christos Kapatos, Christos Katsanos.


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