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Adam Urban
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Carlos Hernández
Carmen Sayago

Cesar Dezfuli
Cesar Pastor

Lola Calzada
Pablo Garrigós

Marco Panzetti
Misha Vallejo

Little by Little we will present the work of the finalists

Finalistas Beca PhotOn Festival 2018 

Misha Vallejo-WINNER PHEN Award Photon Grant 2018

WINNER PHEN AWARD PHOTON GRANT 2018 MISHA VALLEJO “Sarayaku Secret” “The Sacha Runa are supreme beings that protect the jungle and whom we venerate because they practice a way of living similar to ours” - explains Doña Corina, one of the most respected elders in the Kichwa community of Sarayaku, located in the Amazon rainforest. Its philosophy, called Kawsak Sacha [...]

Marco Panzetti-Finalist Photon Grant 2018

MARCO PANZETTI “THE IDEA OF EUROPE” ‘The Idea of Europe’ is a long-term documentary work on the human impact of the European refugee crisis. Fleeing from conflicts, humanitarian crisis and economical distress in their countries of origin, and escaping the slavery practices commonly reported in Libya, since early 2015 more than 10,000 people lost their lives in the Mediterranean trying [...]

Pablo Garrigós-Finalist Photon Grant 2018

PABLO GARRIGÓS “THE LAST BORDER” The Last Border's project tries to document the personal battle between dreams and reality that face a group of young people in the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. This conflict, still alive but forgotten by the headlines, strikes a generation that was born during the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, just after the collapse of the [...]

Lola Calzada-Winner One Shot Hotels Award Photon grant 2018

WINNER ONE SHOT HOTELS AWARD PHOTON GRANT 2018 LOLA CALZADA Conduct, norm, conscience, knowing how to be, education, good education. Participate in this knowledge, how we apply it in our day by day is what allows us to interrelate, act in the social. Our work participates in this knowledge, but it is through the game that we try to overcome [...]

Cesar Pastor-Finalist Photon Grant 2018

CÉSAR PASTOR “NO MAN’S LAND” In the almost 30 years since the end of the communist dictatorship, Romania has grown from 23 million to just 19.7 million inhabitants. A drop of 14%, mainly caused by economic migration. This social phenomenon is visibly aggravated in rural areas, where the ageing of the population is intensified by the exodus of young people [...]

César Dezfuli -Finalist Photon Grant 2018

CÉSAR DEZFULI “BANJUL TO BIELLA” It was 6:40 in the morning when the crew aboard the rescue boat Iuventa spotted the rubber boat. On board were 129 people who had departed seven hours before the Libyan coast. And among them was Malick Jeng, a 19-year-old Gambian whose life I have been documenting since he was rescued from the sea, with [...]

Carmen Sayago -Winner Photon Grant 2018

WINNER PHOTON GRANT 2018 CARMEN SAYAGO “BIRDS OF POLLUTION” The modern world is based mainly on technological and industrial developments. We live surrounded by antennas, Wi-Fi signals and chemical products. We breathe more than 300,000 daily substances contained in the air. For most people, many of these elements are used daily to make life easier. But a growing part of [...]

Carlos Hernández Calvo -Finalist Photon Grant 2018

CARLOS HERNÁNDEZ CALVO (Barcelona) "HURRICANE IRMA, CUBA" While the international media flooded the world's screens and newspapers with the preparations being made in the U.S. to protect themselves from the arrival of Hurricane Irma, life went on as normal on the neighboring island of Cuba. The tranquility and security of its population before, during and after Irma's visit to the [...]

Anya Miroshnichenko-Winner Cañada Blanch Award Photon Grant 2018

WINNER CAÑADA BLANCH AWARD PHOTON GRANT 2018 ANYA MIROSHNICHENKO (Rusia) Ana loves you Ana is the short name of anorexia nervosa, a mental illness in with a person deliberately refuses to eat. In 50% of cases, the disease leads to death according to unofficial data. Young girls are ready, their weight does not exceed 40 kilos. But the main goals [...]

Adam Urban-Finalist Photon Grant 2018

ADAM URBAN  (Hungary) THE JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER ASZÓD The Juvenile Detention Center is a special place: for those who live here temporarily it is a punishment and indispensable support. The inmates of correction facility are youngsters, whose life took a wrong turn painfully early. They caught incorrect demeanour patterns at home – as the solely available around them – and [...]

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