finalistas beca photon festival 2016

Adrián Álvarez
OM Colectivo
Santi Donaire
Patrizia Fagiani
Silvia Landi
Raúl Moreno
Tommaso Rada
Michal Siarek
Miriam Stanke
Christian Werner

Finalists Grant PhotOn Festival 2016 – Patrizia Fagiani

PATRIZIA FAGIANI VARSOVIA / POLONIA PROJECT: RETURN Every year a significant number of Hassidic Jews travel from Europe, Israel, Canada, USA, Ukraine, towards small villages in the South of Poland. They travel with a small paper in their hands, where they have written their wishes. They will leave this paper on the ohel, the grave of the tzadik. On the [...]


CHRISTIAN WERNER LOWER SAXONY / ALEMANIA PROJECT: 74 The Yezidi religion is one of the oldest. Since its founding years 74 genocides committed against them. The youngest and most systematic done by the IS terrorist militia. The Yazidis are more persecuted than other religious communities,
because they are regarded as devil worshipers. This is because they believe in Tausi Melek, a fallen [...]


MICHAL SIAREK // LODZKIE,POLONIA PROJECT: ALEXANDER The very first thing that I saw in Skopje was the construction of a 25-meter tall figure of a warrior on horseback which, from what I later found out, was the statue Alexander the Great. In 2010 the government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia started an extensive project to revamp first the [...]


MIRIAM STANKE// BADEN - WUERTTEMBERG - ALEMANIA PROJECT: The mountain ranges of Taurus and Zagros extend through southern Turkey, northern Iraq, and southwestern Iran and separate the Anatolian-Iranian plateaus from the Mesopotamian lowland. They allow easy movement for smugglers and guerrilla forces. The border region between Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran is part of what is referred to as Kurdistan [...]


TOMMASO RADA BRAGA / PORTUGAL PROJECT: DOMESTIC BORDER - THE DANUBE ISN'T BLUE After the Iron Gate the Danube flows slowly, separating Bulgaria from Romania and accomplishing his last effort to reach the Black Sea. The Danube is not blue anymore, it carries the history and the consequences of the human actions: communist regimes, violent revolutions and, particularly, industrial and agricultural exploitations. [...]

Finalistas Beca Photon festival 2016-Raúl Moreno

RAÚL MORENO ALBACETE / ESPAÑA PROYECTO: CHERNOBYL A pocos kilómetros de Chernobyl, existe una atmósfera radiactiva que no se puede ver pero que sí se puede intuir. Los alimentos están contaminados por Cesio 137 y Estroncio, sus habitantes los consumen a diario haciendo que los isotopos radiactivos se depositen en su organismo poco a poco. Esta gente sigue queriendo vivir en [...]

Finalists Grant PhotOn Festival 2016 – Silvia Landi

SILVIA LANDI ROMA / ITALIA PROJECT: THE OBESITY WAY Giovanni, 47 years old, lives in Rome (Italy), he suffers from severe obesity since many years, and over time, has lost and put on weight, up to more than 661 lb (300 kg). He has always battled against his body, and obesity has deeply influenced his emotional and work life. He [...]

Finalists Grant PhotOn Festival 2016 – Santi Donaire

SANTI DONAIRE MADRID / ESPAÑA PROJECT:VENEZUELA SIN CHAVEZ The death of President Hugo Chavez on March 5, 2013 marked a before and after in Venezuela, thus opening a new political era that is still to be defined. The Caribbean country has been immersed in an escalation of events and difficulties, which are today its most visible face an economic crisis [...]

Finalists Grant PhotOn Festival 2016 – OM Colectivo

OM COLECTIVO BARCELONA / ESPAÑA PROJECT: KAYPACHA - TIERRA DEL SILENCIO Kaypacha - Tierra del Silencio is a photo reportage about the cocaine route between Peru and Bolivia, showing the reality of one of the biggest problems in both countries, drug trafficking. The origin of this route begins in the valley of VRAEM, national emergency zone, with an annual harvest [...]

Finalists Grant PhotOn Festival 2016 – Adrián Álvarez

ADRIÁN ÁLVAREZ MADRID / ESPAÑA PROJECT: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE It is the greatest humanitarian tragedy since World War II and the milestone that has marked this century. Millions of refugees reaching the shores of Europe fleeing violence, terror, death. Carrying only what they can in their arms and risking their lives in a desperate journey by land and sea, [...]


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