Giovanni, 47 years old, lives in Rome (Italy), he suffers from severe obesity since many years, and over time, has lost and put on weight, up to more than 661 lb (300 kg). He has always battled against his body, and obesity has deeply influenced his emotional and work life. He doesn’t have a secure job (he work for free as a cameramen for a web TV channel), he is separated, and he lives in his parents basement, in a condo full of steep and narrow stairs which makes it difficult for him to go out home.

For those who are obese, the body can become an inhospitable place, a prison they can not escape from. Due to his physical and economic condition, Giovanni spends much time at home alone. He doesn’t like to be seen in public or going to the cinema, theater or other public places, because often, there are no chairs big enough for him. His weight and his physical condition, doesn’t allow him to walk far or do physical effort, without having respiratory crisis. At the moment, Giovanni doesn’t want to go on a diet to lose weight, he refuses to go to a doctor to monitor his health, or to get treatment in a center specializing in bariatric surgery, because he is scared by the risks of the surgical operation.

Obesity has become a global problem, called Globesity, and is now considered an epidemic by World Health Organization, which threatens the health of all nations. Indeed, for the first time in human history, the world has more overweight than underweight people. 
Adult obesity is more common globally than under-nutrition, and the worldwide prevalence of obesity more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. According to the WHO data, they are around 1.9 billion adults overweight, of those 600 million are considered obese.



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