The death of President Hugo Chavez on March 5, 2013 marked a before and after in Venezuela, thus opening a new political era that is still to be defined. The Caribbean country has been immersed in an escalation of events and difficulties, which are today its most visible face an economic crisis plaguing the country and gradually becoming a political and social crisis. The political vacuum left by the death of Chavez has orphaned not only to Chavism, but the Venezuelan political scene. Although both claim and defend their legacy, the distance between the Government of Maduro and Chavez bases are getting bigger.

What began as a feeling of nostalgia and destruction has led to a crisis that has taken several faces from 2013: the protests of some opposition sectors taking advantage of the departure of Hugo Chavez; an acute shortage of basic food products and medicines to sit at street level, and the government accuses the opposition of orchestrating entrepreneurship and economic warfare, while the latter blamed on the economic policy of the Government of Maduro, etc.

For the first time since 16 years ago, Venezuela is not a path to pick up the social majorities of the country. The two models have faced, Chavez and the opposition, are not only leaderless, but also aimlessly. That wait along with the daily struggle to combat the economic crisis, it makes Venezuela without Chavez is an area yet to be defined without horizon on the road.




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