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Sergi Alcazar


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Silvia Landi
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Littel by Little we’ll publish the projects of the finalists

Finalists PhotOn Grant 2017

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Sergi Alcazar WINNER PhotOn Grant 2017

WINNER PHOTON GRANT 2017 SERGI ALCAZAR PREMIÀ DE MAR / SPAIN PROJECT: VESTIGIUM The neighbors of La Catalana have been for more than a decade fearing the planned demolition of their homes and their expulsion from the neighborhood. At the end of the 50's, hundreds of Barcelona metro workers or the Besós thermal power station sought a place to settle [...]

Pablo Miranzo WINNER ONESHOT Award PhotOn Grant 2017

WINNER OneShotAwardPhotonGrant 2017: 500€ PABLO MIRANZO ELCHE / SPAIN PROJECT: The State of Veracruz, Mexico, was a peaceful area until recently. Today he is immersed in a spiral of violence due to disputes between the Jalisco Cartel and the Zetas. These groups struggle to control narco business: drug trafficking, kidnapping, or migrant routes to the United States. The former governor [...]

Alberto Barba Finalist PhotOn Grant 2017

ALBERTO BARBA ZAMORA / ESPAÑA PROYECTO: WAR MAPU ( LA GUERRA DE LA TIERRA) War Mapu narrates the embed conflict of Mapuche indigenous people in Chile, a struggle in which state-sponsored companies exploit the ñukemapu (Mother Earth). In the Mapudungun language, Mapuche means "people of the earth". Its ancestral culture is based on the connection and coexistence with the four [...]

Atoq Ramón Finalist PhotOn Grant 2017

ATOQ RAMÓN LIMA / PERÚ PROJECT: MAL DE OJO Although the last Peruvian civil war has silently remained among us the violence didn’t end up in 2000 with the statistics of 70,000 murdered people, 3 out 4 indigenous. There are almost 15,000 missing people and their families are still seeking justicie. There’s no silence about it. At least not anymore [...]

Salvador Fenoll Finalist PhotOn Grant 2017

SALVADOR FENOLL CALLOSA DE SEGURA / SPAIN PROJECT: TOKHANG Tokhang is a project on the police operation that bears the same name and has been active in the Philippines since July 2016. This set of photos tries to cover various issues within the tough drug war of President Rodrigo Duterte in which they have Dead more than 7000 people. ++++ [...]

Ángel García Finalist PhotOn Grant 2017

ÁNGEL GARCÍA BARCELONA / SPAIN PROJECT: THE BLANKET PROJECT Las Ramblas, the tree-lined mall George Orwell described as Barcelona’s “central artery”, is usually clogged with tourists. Once the site of flower shops, Sunday strollers and elaborately costumed street performers, today it trades in vulgar T-shirts and gaudy souvenirs. Pushy waiters steer visitors towards kitschy restaurants serving oversized beer, sangria and tapas. [...]

Marek M Berezowski-Finalist PhotOn Grant 2017

MAREK M BEREZOWSKI VARSOVIA / POLONIA PROJECT: MARIUPOL. FOUR SEASONS IN THE SHADOW OF THE WAR. War in Donbas it is currently the only war in Europe. Mariupol is a story of an industrial city, the largest in the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Donbass region that is directly affected by the war. The city, with a population of roughly 500,000, lies [...]

Shauna Frischkorn-Finalist Photon Grant 2017

SHAUNA FRISCHKORN PENNSYLVANIA / EE.UU PROJECT: MC WORKERS Underpaid food industry workers serve our food, day-in and day-out while wearing conspicuous corporate uniforms, with all the conformity and anonymity associated with their low-status "McJobs." Unattractive and ill fitting, these clothes serve their purpose: to make these workers look low-key and "uniform." My subjects are just kids— strangers that I meet [...]

Elena Grom Finalist Photon Grant 2017

ELENA GROM KIEV / UKRANIA PROJECT: BEACH The project is devoted to the research of beach space and human interactions with it. The beach is the confluence of two elements - earth and water. The first nine months of life we spend in the womb in the aquatic environment. According to mineral structure of the water in the cells of our [...]

David Arribas-Finalist Photon Grant 2017

DAVID ARRIBAS LEGANÉS (MADRID) / SPAIN PROJECT: SCARS Spain is one of the few countries where hunting with greyhounds is a legal activity. This activity was a form of sustenance for the family in the rural areas, but now using greyounds to hunt isn’t vital.  That’s why it has reinvented itself and it’s now turned into sport preserving its practice within [...]

Finalists #QuinuaRealAwardPhotOnGrant 2017

Raúl Moreno Finalist Quinua Real Award PhotOn Grant 2017

RAÚL MORENO ALBACETE / ESPAÑA PROJECT: RADIOACTIVE FEEDING. Food today is more serious than it seems. Eating in Ukraine or Belarus can cost you dearly. Radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor contaminated thousands of hectares of agricultural land. The inhabitants of these areas consume the foods laden with cesium-137 and strontium-90 that they produce in their own homes. Radioactive isotopes are [...]

Pablo Piovano WINNER Quinua Real Award PhotOn Grant 2017

WIINER QUINUA REAL AWARD PHOTON GRANT 2017 : 1.000€ PABLO ERNESTO PIOVANO BUENOS AIRES / ARGENTINA PROJECT: THE HUMAN COST OF AGROTOXICS During the months of November and December 2014, the Argentine photographer Pablo Ernesto Piovano toured rural areas of the provinces of Entre Rios, Chaco and Misiones to portray families affected by spraying with agrochemicals. The series of photographs “The human cost [...]

David Segarra Finalist Quinua Real Award PhotOn Grant 2017

DAVID SEGARRA VALÈNCIA / ESPAIN PROJECT: THE EARTH IS REBORNE Based on the last two years of research on the relationship between an ancestral rural world that disappears and a new rural world that is born. A project that was born in 2000 after the disappearance of the fields of La Punta and Benimaclet. In these years he has combined the [...]

David Martín Huamaní-Finalist Quinua Real Award PhotOn Grant 2017

DAVID MARTÍN HUAMANÍ LIMA / PERÚ PROJECT: In the 60's and 70's, Peru lived a strong wave of migrations from the provinces, mostly affected by poverty, social injustices, terrorism, etc., to the city of Lima. In this situation the family on the part of my father had a process of separation from his homeland. Several of my great-grandfather's daughters went to [...]

Silvia Landi -Finalist Quinua Real Award PhotOn Grant 2017

SILVIA LANDI ROME / ITALY PROJECT: GLOBESITY "Human food is the foundation of culture and sentiment. If you want to improve the people, give him better nutrition. Men are what they eat "(Ludwig Feuerbach). Obesity has become a global problem, called Globesity, and is now considered an epidemic by World Health Organization, which threatens the health of all nations. Indeed, for [...]

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