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Eva Máñez, Valencia 1971, is a photographer in Valencia. After completing the Superior Formative Cycle of Photography, in the Superior School of Art and Design of Valencia (EASD) she made worshops with photographers of the prestigious agency Magnum. She attended a postgraduate course at the University of Valencia, which gave her the Diploma of Professional University Specialization in Digital Photography and Image Processing, UV. She was awarded a scholarship by Doctors of the World in 2007 to study Humanitarian Photography at the Casa Encendida in Madrid.

Professionally she has worked for the newspapers Público, Levante emv, el Boletín, Valencia Plaza, MD and Diagonal. And she collaborates with the magazines Valencia7, Stylelabmagazine, Ladinamo, Eines, Bostezo, among others. He has published a collective book with his photographs of Iraq before the war by the Valencian publishing house Soroll. His exhibition of photographs of Haiti has been exhibited in numerous places in the Valencian Community and the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

He has taught photography workshops with gypsy teenagers from the Coma neighbourhood, self-esteem photography workshops in Valencia and at the UNAM (Autonomous University of Mexico) and teaches Fashion Photography courses.

She works as a freelance photographer of press and events and is manager of Foto Agencia Valencia.


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