Marta Soszynska and Alberto Rojas (MSF)

Friday 11th  May – 17:30h
CENTRE CULTURAL LA NAU, Aula Magna. Free access


In 2018 we will once again collaborate with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and this time we will have a conference with Marta Soszynska and Alberto Rojas.

Marta Soszynska: Polish multimedia journalist with training in international development. She has worked and lived in Asia, Africa and Latin America, covering neglected crises and neglected communities with a special focus on women and the environment.

Alberto Rojas: On the first day of class, a teacher tells you that there are three types of students who study journalism: those who want to be news anchors, those who want to dedicate themselves to columns and talks and reporters. I was one of the last ones and I have had the immense luck of being able to fulfill my dreams. What better gift for a person in love with history than to be able to experience it in the first person? What better work for a reader of Corto Maltés, Tintin or Indiana Jones comics than a special envoy?

Like away from home, nowhere; and if you are away from home it means Africa, better. I have had the great luck, thanks to this job, to spend a night out with Nacho Vidal, to go around Cape Horn, to travel by elephant and to attend a nuer wedding by the Nile. I make my living in El Mundo, where I have already survived four massive layoffs. Although they say I’m serious, I think it’s hard to get me mad. I’m a specialist in finding a TV with the match of Real Madrid anywhere in the world. 


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