The project is devoted to the research of beach space and human interactions with it. The beach is the confluence of two elements – earth and water. The first nine months of life we spend in the womb in the aquatic environment. According to mineral structure of the water in the cells of our body is comparable to the sea. So, when we strive to rest on the sea, it is almost «back to roots». People want to see and hear the water from birth. «Overlooking the sea» – perhaps the most expensive phrase – in any language of the world.

Beach – an area outside private spaces. It is the center of social life. Universal equalizer, which gives a magical solution to the eternal problem of cohabitation between rich and poor. Everybody is equal on the beach as in the bath. The person has the opportunity to be himself, feel more free. I take pictures of beaches 8 years in different countries: Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Ukraine…


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