DesTieRRRadas // Pedro Armestre

7th may to 31st may 2019



Threats, persecutions, criminalizations and death. The defenders of the right to land, water and other natural resources who interfere with the interests of big business in developing countries face all of this.

The violation of human rights in regions such as Central America or Africa is increasing and, in this context, millions of women face specific problems due to their special relationship with land and water.

It has been observed that the influx of large investments almost always increases labour exploitation and wage inequality, makes female care work invisible and increases gender and sexual violence. That is why movements and leaderships arise in the communities that are being silenced.

Women who are in these territories are the protagonists of DesTieRRadas.


TieRRRa companies (companies that are profitable and responsible for resources) is an Alliance for Solidarity campaign, created to promote the development of their activities while respecting human rights and avoiding phenomena such as land and water grabbing.

TieRRRa calls for collective responsibility to preserve human rights and the environment against the power of corporations that put their interests above people.


Alliance for Solidarity is a civil society organization, born more than 30 years ago, which channels the effort and support of more than 40,000 people among members, volunteers, sympathizers and workers in the fight against inequality and in the protection of human rights in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.


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