In the 60’s and 70’s, Peru lived a strong wave of migrations from the provinces, mostly affected by poverty, social injustices, terrorism, etc., to the city of Lima. In this situation the family on the part of my father had a process of separation from his homeland. Several of my great-grandfather’s daughters went to Lima searching for these opportunities. The only one who stayed, called Juana, formed a large family. After about 30 years in a personal search to know where I came from and especially the stories that my grandmother told me about that wonderful place, I made the decision to go there and meet him.

This series is part of a long-term project where I seek to know my past, to know people who have some kind of relationship with me or my family, to appreciate the close relationship they have with their environment and to make known their legacy. This place is called Tururo and is located on the heights of the province of Apurimac. In Tururo, like the vast majority of the people who live in the countryside, they are basically engaged in agriculture as a self-consumption activity. Sometimes they turn to the exchange of products with people known or neighbors. The series is divided into two distinct seasons, one during the dry season and the second during the rainy season.

In this system, as far as I could see, the majority of women are engaged in household chores, helping mostly during harvesting or raising animals such as pigs, ducks, chickens, etc. Men have the job of working from scratch the earth and are during the whole process that entails this.



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