La Nau building is the headquarters of the University of Valencia since its founding in the late fifteenth century. The General Council of the city agreed in 1498 by the group of all higher education in the city in a General Study and drove to elevate range college. Acquired for it a number of houses and lots that stood nearby on the street and instructed Nau Pere Compte remodeling. In 1499 the Juries or city representatives drafted the rst statutes of the new institution, which opened in 1500. Papal Bull (Alexander VI) and royal privilege (Ferdinand II) giving a range of university studies came in 1501 and 1502.
The building is an example of Valencian neoclassical architecture, especially its facades and cloister. His current architectural design is the result of a series of interventions that have been adapting the building to its dierent functions and needs over ve centuries, from the rst design commissioned Pere Compte interventions to the most recent (1999 and 2012) who have updated their
functionality and updated infrastructure. The growth and expansion of the University of Valencia from 60 campuses in Blasco Ibáñez (studies health sciences and humanities), Campus Tarongers (social studies and economics) and campus Burjassot (basic studies and technical) sciences reduced academic performances of La Nau, which has become the benchmark of cultural and institutional activity of the University of Valencia.
Today, La Nau besides being the home of the Rector institutional houses, Cultural Center, an important part of the cultural activities of the University of Valencia (exhibitions, theater and music) and is a meeting place and discussion (lectures and conferences). The Nau is also the headquarters of the Historical Library and welcomes the dependencies of various university services, including those related to the area of culture and heritage.


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