Wednesday May 3rd – 17:0h

Títtle: Documentary photography and its context

Organizes: Máster en Fotografía UPV
Collaborators: PHOTON and Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània

Clemente Bernad

Graduate in fine arts (UCB) and ‘Dea’ in sociology by UPNA. Photographer and independent documentary filmmaker since 1986, with a strong interest in social and political issues within his closest cultural environment.

His works include: ‘Day laborers’, on the life of the Andalusian seasonal peasants, ‘Women without land’, about the life of Saharawi women in the refugee camps of Tindouf, for which he received a scholarship FotoPres, IN 1994; ‘Poor of us’ a collective project on marginalization in Europe, ‘Canopus’ on the Argentine economic crisis, ‘Basque chronicles’, on the political conflict of Euskal Herria; In 2004 she published ‘El Sueño de Malika’, for the ExploraFoto’04 festival in Salamanca, the story of the repatriation of Malika Laaroussi’s body to be buried in her village after she died trying to reach the Spanish coast in a small boat. He made his first documentary film on the same subject, selected for the official competitive section in the 1st edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra ‘Punto de vista’.

In 1999 La Fábrica published a volume of his collection of monographs Photobolsillo dedicated to his work. His photographs have been exhibited in the ‘Rip’ of Arles, ‘Visa pour l’image’ and in numerous exhibitions both collective and individual.

Included in the commemorative exhibition of the 10th anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao “Chacun à son goût”.


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