FENCE GO NO GO// 12 may- 22 june 2014 Centre Cultural La Nau. Sala Oberta Jose Colon (born in 1975 in Albaida del Aljarafe, Seville). Photojournalist based between Sevilla and Barcelona. Self-taught photographer since 1997. After moving to Barcelona specializes in photojournalism and documentary. His work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy, USA, Brazil and has appeared in various international magazines have local. Among his artistic collaborations highlight CCCB (Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona, Museum of History of the city of Barcelona and Museum of History of the city of Zaragoza. Currently this combined freelance career, working for newspapers, agencies and private clients. www.josecolon.net

Fence: Go/no Go From 2004, and for ten years, the work Fence: Go/no Go covers the borders of the south of Spain and north of Morocco: remaining per weeks in Tangier, watching the beaches of Tarifa and Fuerteventura, covering the fence that Melilla and Ceuta of Morocco separates, and registering the attempts of an immigrants’ sea whose risk everything what they have, in search of a better life. “Fence: Go/no Go”, takes us along the edges of Europe, where migrants are trying to reach Northern Europe, through prohibited roads. It brings us over to the different forms and ways that the persons use in irregular situation, after there try to cross this area of the call ‘Door of Europe or borders of Schengen’. With his photograph, José Colón seeks to give a face to those that usually remain hidden, and raise questions about a key issue in the social debate in Spain: immigration. His photographs are not familiar images of immigrants abandoned their homes to flee in dramatic catastrophes, but registration one arrive in a country, a country that forget that it was also an immigrant “Spain”.


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