BORDERS OF EUROPE  – Colectivo 5w

10 MARCH – 8 MAY 2016



Fronetra de Europa - Colectivo 5w


  • Sunday 27 March, 11:30 a.m. (no workshop)
  • Saturday, 2 April, 11.30 a.m. with Mila Font, responsible of MSF  in CV
  • Sunday, 10 April, 11:30 a.m. (with workshop) + Mila Font, responsible of MSF in CV.
  • Saturday 16 April, 11:30 a.m. (with workshop)
  • Sunday 24 April, 11:30 a.m.  (with workshop)

Workshops have been created and will be coordinated by Estrella Terrades

Guided visits maximum capacity for 30 people.
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The five coordinates that armour the European continent

In its sixth edition, in collaboration with 5W, PhotOn Festival reflects on the concept of “borders”, analysing the migrations in a united Europe, in the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War.

The “border” is a limited metaphor. At the border, nations fight for sovereignty, for territorial assertion. At the border, refugees and migrants fight for their lives, for their dignity. Here, in the Mediterranean, due to its geographic and political environment, the borders are not only metallic, but can also be liquid, rock, dust or completely invisible.

In this exhibition, Revista 5W surveys the armoured borders of the Mediterranean, those which should be welcoming refugees, through the eyes of five photographers and five journalists who focus on five coordinates of the Mediterranean Sea.  To the North, a route over-land: by train, bus or on foot. To the South, Libyan Coast: detention centres, fictitious ports; the exits from Africa. To the East, the Greek Islands: rocks, lifeguards; immediate risk. To the West, the Melilla Fence: wire, concertina wire; metal. In the centre, the immensity of the sea: isolation, unanimous blue; desperate rescue attempts between Libya and Italy.

It is a moment in history with the most people made homeless due to the violence, at least since the UN began tracking this data. The response from Europe has been guarded in the face of the arrival of those who flee from war and hunger. In this exhibition, we are able to see and read the stories of people who clash with the borders of Europe; their longings, suffering, conviction, courage and dignity. But here, what cannot be seen, is their freedom.

Five photojournalists  and five journalist in five coordinates of thel Mediterranean: North, South, East, West  and the centre.

The path to Europe.

  • Photojournalist , Olmo Calvo
  •  Journalist ,  Mikel Ayestaran.

The detention centres of Lybia .

  • Photojournalist,  Ricard G. Vilanova
  • Journalist,  Laura J. Varo.

The fence of Mellilla.

  • Photojournalist, Gianfranco Tripodo:
  • Journalist,  Nicolás Castellano.

The island of Lesbos.

  • Photojournalist, Santi Palacios
  • Journalist,  Andrés Mourenza.

Dignity I, rescue in the Mediterranean.

  • Photojopurnalist,  Anna Surinyach
  • Journalist,  Agus Morales.


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