The objective of this call is to recognize and disseminate the work of professional photojournalists from Comunidad Valenciana. And put in value his professional commitment over a year and his ability to transmit with his images the important changes that have taken place in Valencia throughout 2016.



All photojournalists who prove to be working in the Comunidad Valenciana, without distinction of media or agencies, and who present documents accrediting that they are legally registered as professional photojournalists in the corresponding institutions (Social Security, Treasury, Etc)



The works can be presented from March 1 to April 14, 2017 both included.



Photojournalists must submit a minimum of 25 images and a maximum of 60 on which the development of their work can be assessed throughout 2016, including this period from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Unpublished images may be presented by the medium with which they are collaborated. The images must be sent correctly identified, with the name of author or event, and accompanied by the appropriate information, captions, etc

The projects presented can cover relevant events in politics, economy, society, sports and culture. It is not mandatory to cover all topics.

Global work will be valued, not the quality of a single photo but the development of the work, the author’s point of view and his ability to tackle any topic.



The images may be presented organized in one of the following ways:

  1. As essays constructed with several images on one or several subjects that will be presented as PDF
  2.  A set of single images
  3. Adding the two modes (several tests + single images)

In addition to the submitted works, a letter signed and stamped by the media or agency with which the professional works or collaborates must be attached stating that the photojournalist works in that medium or agency.

The participants will present images of which they are the unique authors, reason why they will be responsible of any claim that, by rights of image, could take place on the works presented to the contest.

Photographs may not be altered electronically or by any other means. Two types of images are accepted: color and black and white. Routine corrections of tone, white balance and exposure are acceptable. As well as pixelated in case it is necessary to preserve the identity of a child or victim of an event.

Images that have been manipulated exaggeratedly may be disqualified by the jury. Photomontages will not be accepted either. If there are doubts, the jury may ask the author for the original file.



The presentation of the works will be done in digital format through the form enabled for it in the web The deadline for the admission of proposals will end at 23:59 pm on April 14, 2017 (GMT + 1).

The single images must be submitted as digital files on 1,500 pixels the longest side and a maximum weight of 1.5 Mb image jpeg format.



The jury will be composed of three professionals. A photojournalist, an academic and a journalist.

Carles Francesc, photojournalist

Rosa Solbes, journalist

Maite Larrauri, conducts seminars on philosophy, politics and history.



 A single prize of 3000€  will be awarded.



The jury will meet from 15 April, date to be defined, and the jury’s ruling and award presentation will be held on May 6 in an event that will take place during the closing day of the Photon Festival activities week 2017.



The intellectual property of the works presented will always be the author. The City Council of Valencia and Photon Festival may use the works for the purposes foreseen in this contest, communication in RRSS and media, as well as in their publications. The City Council of Valencia and Photon Festival reserve the option of holding an exhibition that brings together the winning project. In case of wanting to add to the exhibition the work of the rest of the candidates will be asked for prior authorization.

The City Council of Valencia and Photon festival reserve the rights of graphic reproduction of the awarded work, which may be disseminated through its website and / or any other medium published by this institution, as well as in social networks, with the sole Objective of promoting the activity and within the limits that define the information activity not having to pay to the author another amount that established as a prize, but always signing its authorship.



Participation in PREMI MILLOR FOTOPERIODISTA AJUNTAMENT VALÈNCIA presupposes the acceptance of the rules that govern it and are exposed publicly in this call. For any doubts or clarifications about them, you can contact the organization by email

Simply by participating, photographer credited authoring all pictures and none of them in any way contravenes any public or private law.

PhotOn Festival reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the requirements and conditions specified in this call.

All submissions agree to be registered in the PhotOn Festival newsletter to keep them informed of news and information about the festival. PhotOn Festival promises not to sell this database to third parties.



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