From it’s creation back in 2011, the PhotOn Festival has made an effort to dedicate a very important part of its program to support the works done by the novel authors, photographers who are not known by the public, through the PhotOn Grant, and which covers different activities such as the Portfolio Reviews of the 10 finalists by photojournalists, editors and directors of European photography festivals, and their Multimedia Screenenings open to the general public.

In the ninth edition of PhotOn Festival we are once again counting on the support of  One Shot Hotels with the #OneShotHotelsAwardPhotonGrant , the European promotion award, #PHENAwardPhotonGrant, thanks to being members and co-founders of PHEN (photo european network ).

This year we add a new award, #LuzdelNorteAwardPhotonGrant from México. Luz del Norte, Monterrey-México, will choose one of the ten finalists to produce an exhibition that will be part of its 2020 edition.

In this ninth edition the winner of the #PhotonGrant will receive an economic prize of 1000€, the production of a minimum of 100 books sponsored by La ImprentaCG and a Sigma lens.

Among this framework of action, once again we launched the 9th PhotOn Festival Grant with the following rules to participate.


Those who aim to participate in the Open Call must meet the following requirements:

  1. Only the Novel Authors over 18 years old will be allowed to participate in the competition. An author is considered a Novel Author regardless of age (above 18 years old), nationality or residency, whose career has not yet been consolidated, has received no major award and has not seen his work published in the major media. The organization will check the biography of the author and the public information available, and all CVs of the finalist works.
  2. No works with more than two years will be accepted unless they are still in the process of creation. Those works published in the author’s website for self-promotion will be eligible.
  3. The author is responsible for all liabilities arising from potential claims by third party rights related but not limited to intelectual property and rights over the images and/or claims from the people pictured on the stories, whether natural or legal persons exonerating the organisation of PhotOn Festival from any responsibility derivative thereof.

Documentary photojournalism or social work will only be accepted, so those which do not meet this important and essential requirement will be immediately excluded.

All the participants accept to be part of the PhotOn Newsletter to keep them informed of the latest news and informations about the festival. PhotOn Festival agrees not to sell the data to third parties.

The 10 finalists accept to grant the use of 4 of their images presented to the PhotOn Festival Organisation in order to use them in media and all kind of communication and saying always that it has to be published in the context of the Festival and to promote both the autor and the festival social media, promotion of the authors and self-promotion of the Festival.


Submissions must be done through the form in the following link: The deadline for submission will end at 23:59:59 on April 21, 2019 Spanish Time (GMT +1).

The author has the possibility to submit a single photographic series or a story. · Digital files must match jpeg 1500 pixels on the longest side. 20 images max, and 15 images as minimum all belonging to the same story or series. Brief bio of the author and CV, as well as a brief text about the work is needed. If applicable, indicating at least the title of the series. No submission will be accepted on video format or any other format not described in these terms.


For the participation in the IX PHOTON FESTIVAL GRANT, a price for participation of 15€ has been set. With the amount of money raised, the organisation will take care of hotels and perdiem of the finalists during the days of Portfolio reviews, that is Friday 10 and Saturday 11 May 2019. The payment must be completed through the same form of application.


Once the deadline for registration is completed, the organization will select 10 finalists who will participate in the days of Portfolio Review and Multimedia screening. They will have the opportunity to edit and discuss their work with the members of the jury, leading experts and professionals from the photojournalism industry. They will also take part in the night time shows while screening their work for the public as part of the screening session of Photon Festival 2019. Communication and publication of the finalists participating in the Portfolio Review and evening screenings will be April 24th, 2019.


Submission format for Portfolio Review: Number of pictures: 30 images maximum from a series or thematic unit either in paper or files. In case of bringing files, the finalist must bring his/her own laptop.

During the Portfolios Review the organization will ensure that each one of the finalists will have the same time with all the professionals so their work can be properly reviewed by all members of the jury.


The finalists will also have to make a multimedia of the work submitted to be showcased in the Night Screenings inside the program of the festival.

The format for the multimedias for the screening has to be a video in .avi format with a máximum length of 4:00 minutes

The deadline  for the presentation of the multimedia for the Night Screenings will be May 4, 2019


Among the 10 finalists, the jury will select during the portfolio reviews sessions, ONE autor who will be granted with:

In the 2019 edition the # PHENAwardPhotonGrant comes from the hand of PhotoRomania Photo Festival (Rumania) that will choose one of the ten finalists to produce an exhibition that will be part of its 2020 edition.

For the first time in 2019 we will have an award in America together with our partners from Luz del Norte in Monterrey.
# LuzdelNorteAwardPhotonGrant will choose one of the ten finalists to produce an exhibition that will be part of its 2020 edition.

One Shot Hotels, as an independent judge and without the participation of PhotOn Festival and neither of the invites of PhotOn 2019, will select the winner of the #OneShotHotelsAwardPhotonGrant among those same 10 finalists. The prize will be 500€

#PhotonGrant 2019 is endowed with an economic amount of 1000€ and the winner will also be deserved of:

The caracteristics of the book will be as follow: design and layout will be directed by PhotOn Festival Organisation. For that, the winner will have to provide the photographic material needed at 300 ppp, in máximum 30 days from the award winning date. PhotOn will print a minumum of 100 books which will be 90 for the winner and 10 for the Organisation. The usage of the book will be promotional and PhotOn will be able to sell it, with the agreement of the autor. The organisation, always agreed with the autor, has the right to reprint as many times needed.

Sigma 35mm F1.4 series Art lens offered by Sigma España (Reflecta). Available in Sigma, Canon, Nikon and Pentax mounts. If the winner had a Sony with an E mount, Sigma would be offered a Canon mount lens plus an MC-11 adapter for an E mount.

PhotOn grant  will be decided by a vote of all the professionals attending the festival (photojournalist, editors and directors of European festivals) and by the organisation Photon

All prizes may be awarded to the same finalist, if each representation of the different prizes considers it appropriate.

The prizes will be announced during the activities week of the festival and in the official website: next day.

For the purposes of public communication of photography, including making available online, award-winning author assigns such diffusion rights to PhotOn Festival and sponsor under non-exclusive and illimited period of time for promotional use with 4 images.

The award-winning author assigns his image, including his/her voice and name to PhotOn Festival (never the copyright and always crediting the author when the images are used) to be used and incorporated into any formats for the whole world territory, for an illimited period of time. To this end, the award-winning author and PhotOn will sign the relevant contract.

The author will indemnify sponsors and the organization of Photon from any liability for the dissemination of the winning work and, particularly, but not limited to, derived from intellectual property and image rights of any third party.

The award-winning author of #OneShotHotelsPhotonGrant assigns his image, including his/her voice and name to One Shot Hotels and PhotOn Festival (never the copyright and always crediting the author when the images are used) to be used and incorporated into any formats for the whole world territory, for an illimited period of time.


The jury, made up by members of the Photon Festival organization and professionals involved in the official section of the festival will value:

  • Theme Unit of the set and how the formal and technical choice match the story
  • Topics which will show non evident aspects of society, providing a different approach to those realities which are usually not part of the media.
  • Quality, consistency and coherence of the proposal.


– April 1st, 2019: Call entry and open registration period.

– April 21st, 2019 : Closing date for registration and collection of applications.

– April 25th, 2019: Communication of the 10 finalists selected to participate in the Portfolio Reviews and Screenings of Nocturnal Projections.

– May 4, 2019: Deadline for submission of audiovisual piece for the Screenings. (finalists only)
– 9th and 10th May 2019: Meetings of Portfolio Reviews and evening screenings (only selected works).
– 11th May 2019: Official awards communication.


Participation in the PHOTON GRANT NOVEL AUTHORS presupposes the acceptance of the rules that govern it and are exposed publicly in this call. For any doubts or clarifications about them, you can contact the organization by email

Simply by participating, photographer credited authoring all pictures and none of them in any way contravenes any public or private law.

PhotOn Festival reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the requirements and conditions specified in this call.




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