Time: 11:00h

Place: Claustro del Centre Cultural La Nau de la Universitat de València (Carrer Universitat 2, 46003, Valencia)

Attendance: Antonio Ariño, Vicerrector de Cultura e Igualdad de la Universitat de València; Ignacio Aparicio, Olleros Abogados; Juan López Trigo, President of la Fundación Cañada Blanch; Xaume Olleros, cofounder of Photon Festival and Tania Castro, cofounder and director of Photon festival.

Photon Festival 2016 Activities Week
May 3 – 7th

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Photon Festival reaches its sixth edition with a full of proposals activities week for the defense of photojournalism as an indispensable tool for social change. From 3 to 7 May, the Cultural Centre La Nau of the University of Valencia will host film proyections, workshops, night screenings, and portfolio reviews of 2016 Photon Grant finalists.

During the week of activities and already with two ongoing exhibitions, Photon will inaugurate four more exhibitions: Refugees; The human cost of pesticides; Fishshot and the XIX Luis Valtueña Grant. In addition, Photon Festival begin a collaboration with Imaginaria Festival (Castellón) and open next May 16 a new exhibition in Sagunto.

In this edition, Photon Festival close ties internationally collaborating with Festival Della Fotografia Ética (Lodi, Italy) creating a prize for the promotion of Spanish photographers (both novice and professional). Furthermore, with the aim of promoting their fellows in Europe, Photon Festival brings to Valencia the Photo Romania team (Cluj Napoca, Romania) who will participate in the portfolio reviews of 10 finalists of 2016 Photon Grant, and will award one of them with a grant to participate in the festival.

Photon maintains its firm commitment with young talents including this year, between its portfolio reviewers, two major publishers who will come to Valencia to be members of the jury: Tom Seymour, online editor of The British Journal of Photography, the oldest photography magazine, founded in 1854; and Maria Mann, international relations director of the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) in Frankfurt, with a long career.

The activities week of the sixth edition of Photon Festival is held under the sponsorship of the Cañada Blanch Foundation, the Cultural Centre La Nau, the Valencian Museum of Ethnology, Olleros Abogados, the Utiel-Requena designation of origin, and Metrovalencia, and with the collaboration of La Imprenta CG, Ideal Room and Fujifilm.



PLACE: Centre Cultural La Nau de la Universitat de València
(Carrer de la Universitat, 2, 46003 València, Valencia)


 Tueday May 3th

 22:00h – Photon Film night in La Nau cloister

 Wednesday May 4th

22:00h – Photon Film night in La Nau cloister

 Thursday May 5th

 17:30 – Gianfranco Tripodo Conference

19:30 – Gervasio Sánchez Conference

 ​22:00 – Photon Screening Night – Spanish Photography Schools

Friday May 6th

 17:30 – Judith Prat Conference

19:30 – Daniel Ochoa de Olza Conference

 ​22:00 –  Multimedia Screening Night –  2016 Photon Festival Grant Finalists

 Saturday May 7th

 17:30 – Ernesto Piovano Conference

19:00 – Photon Grant  #premioOllerosPhotonFestival y #PremioFujifilmPhotonFestival Awards

19:30 – Georgi Likovsky Conference

22:00 – ​Professional Photographers Screening night: Judith Prat – Georgi Lichovsky – Gianfranco Tripodo – Ernesto Piovano – ​​Daniel Ochoa de Olza – Gervasio Sánchez –  EPA (European Pressphoto Agency).



March 10th – May 8th:
Europe Borders (5W Collective)
– Museu Valencià d’Etnologia (Calle Corona, 36, 46003 València, Valencia)

Photon Festival meditates, in its sixth edition, under 5W Collective’s guidance, about the concept of “border” thorugh the look of five photographers and five journalists,, who looks at five coordinates of the Mediterranean: North, South, East, West and Center.

April 8th – May 16th:
Flashes in the Dark (Ricard G. Vilanova)
– Centre Octubre #EspaciosAmigosPhoton (San Fernando 12, 46001, Valencia)

Ricard Garcia Vilanova (Barcelona, 1971) is the only photojournalist ho has been in Syria since the conflict began and witnessed how the repressive regime dissolved the demonstrations with sniper fire and then with tanks against a single victim: civilians

May 3rd – June 24th:
Agrotoxic’s human cost (Pablo Ernesto Piovano)
– Col·legi Major Rector Peset (Plaza Horno de San Nicolás, 4, 46001 València)

 In 1996, the Argentine government approved the commercialization of transgenic soy and glyphosate herbicide use. The business is led by a group of up to 25 national and foreign companies between which, together, billed almost 2,550 billion dollars per year. Pablo Ernesto Piovano pushes out into the agricultural lands to analyze the human consequences of the massive use of these highly toxic substances that are leaving very serious consequences in the population.


May 3rd  – June 5th

Refugees (Marco Risovnik y Georgi Licovsky) – Sala Oberta, Centre Cultural La Nau de la Univesitat de València

​Europe is experiencing the greatest humanitarian tragedy since the Second World War. Millions of people cross the continent looking for asylum and running away from the war. In this exhibition, Photon Festival shows the refugees situation migrating through the Balkan route through the eyes of local photojournalists Georgi Likovsky and Marco Risovnik.


May 3rd – June 5th
Fishshot (Javier
 Corso, winner of Photon Festival Grant 2015) – Sala La Metro (Plaza los Pinazo, interior para de Metro Colón, 46001, Valencia)

Fishshot is a documentary, photographic and audiovisual project, which portrays the hardest and least known of Finland reality. A country that stands for quality of life but hides high rates of suicides, homicides and domestic violence. The common denominator, present in more than half of the above cases, excessive consumption of alcohol.

May 3rd – July 17th
Luis Valtueña Award – Palau Cerveró (Plaza de Cisneros, 4, 46003 València, Valencia)

Luis Valtueña Humanitarian Photography Award, created by the organization “Médicos del Mundo”,  has been putting light on the reality lived by millions of people for 19 years. Humanitarian action, international cooperation, social exclusion, violation of human rights, armed conflict, natural disasters, refugee populations, immigrants and excluded groups are always the protagonists of the winning images.

May 16th –  June 19th

Idomeni, the shame of Europe (Benito Pajares) – Organizated by Universitat Jaume I – Campus Obert. Collaborates Sagunt City Hall.


The closure of the Macedonian border has become recently Idomeni, a small town on the frontier with Greece, a huge refugee camp in which about 19,000 people survive. Benito Pajares, freelance photojournalist, toured for more than 20 days this field and their images are witnessing how a temporary situation became at times in a space where recover everyday life: people cutting his hair, building small kitchens, digging holes in the ground or hanging out the whashing in the wire fences.


 PILAR ALMENAR // //  639580653

PhotOn Festival lauches its 2016 grant for novel authors on photojournalism with a new editorial award and promoting their finalists around Europe

The PhotOn Festival Grant is one of the most important in Spain, with 6,000 € in prizes.
As important novelty, the festival will publish a book / catalogue showcasing the winning work, starting a photography book collection of PhotOn Festival
For the first time, the work of finalists will be presented to the partners of the Photo European Network, which PhotOn Festival is a member of.

Download press images in:

PhotOn Festival 2016 launches its grant for new talents on photojournalism with important news: the publication of a book with the winning work and its promotion in Europe, in collaboration with Photo Romania, partner of the European Photo Network; a network composed by 20 European photography festivals where PhotOn Festival is participating. This year the festival reaffirms its international presence and wishes to share it with their fellows pushing photojournalism as a form of communication and as an essential tool for social change.
PhotOn Festival strongly believes in talent, and is betting since 2010 in authors of any age that, even without an established career, have a solid and interesting work in documentary photography and photojournalism field. As every edition, PhotOn Festival is always linked to present and rewards the work begun in the last two years, although its investigation remains opened yet.
The PhotOn Festival Grant is one of the largest in Spain, with valued prizes of 6000€. The aim of the festival is to promote young talents and for the first time, PhotOn Festival finalists will be presented to the members of the newly created Photo European Network. As part of these promotional activities, Photo Romania team will travel to Valencia to participate in the portfolio reviews of the 10 finalists.
The participation of Photo Romania in PhotOn Festival activities week will be one of the first events of the European Photo Network (PHEN), which will be presented next spring to publicize their work and the members of the network.
PhotOn Festival 2016 grant has two prizes:

– #AwardOllerosPhotOnfestival:

The winner will receive a 2,000 euros cash prize, given by Olleros Abogados SLP in a personal check. Moreover, in order to facilitate the promotion of the author beyond the spacial and temporary boundaries of the festival, PhotOn Festival brings on board an editorial award (instead of the traditional exhibition prize) and will publish a book / catalogue of the winning work. This book will be part of the first edition of PhotOn Festival photography book collection, starting in 2016. The book will be printed on high quality photographic paper and valued more than 2,000 euros, thanks to Imprenta CG sponsorship.

– #AwardFujifilmPhotOnfestival:

The winner will get a Fujifilm X-T1 professional camera, with Fujinon R LM

XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OIS WR lens, valued 1,600 €.
The works deadline submission is 31 March 2016. In May, the jury will make the portfolio review of 10 finalists and select the winner.
The jury will be composed of professionals involved in international photojournalism week festival activities.
Previous editions have been composed by photojournalists such as the winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Award Manu Bravo; Samuel Aranda, World Press Photo Award 2011; Javier Bauluz, 1995 Pulitzer Prize winners and many of Ortega y Gasset award Gorka Lejarcegi (2001) or Pedro Armestre (2014).

PhotOn Festival is possible every year thanks to the unselfish work of a team of professionals of photojournalism and communication, fighting for the promotion of photojournalism as a fundamental tool for social change. The festival organizes an exhibition circuit in relevant cultural spaces in the center of Valencia, such as the Centre Cultural La Nau of the University of Valencia or Central Market, and includes activities such as conferences, guided tours and evening screenings. In 2016, PhotOn maintains its continuous evolution and approaches the public including the Centre Cultural la Beneficència in its official
exhibition circuit.
The sixth edition of PhotOn Festival is carried out under the sponsorship of the Fundación Cañada Blanch, the Nau Cultural Centre, the Centre Cultural la Beneficència, Olleros Abogados and the collaboration of Fujifilm and the Imprenta CG.

For further information: PILAR ALMENAR / / Phone: +34 639 580 653



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