The modern world is based mainly on technological and industrial developments. We live surrounded by antennas, Wi-Fi signals and chemical products. We breathe more than 300,000 daily substances contained in the air. For most people, many of these elements are used daily to make life easier. But a growing part of the world’s population has developed an adverse reaction to these unnatural materials that make them vulnerable and even worse: they make them sick.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (SQM) is a disease that affects people who show extreme sensitivity to certain substances present in air, water, food …, such as perfumes, detergents, cosmetics, cleaning products, food additives and many other industrial chemicals.

So, imagine a life in which everything around you is hostile … SQM patients need to adapt their house and isolate themselves in it, following a strict protocol to avoid being exposed to any chemical substance and thus be able to live a life ” normal”.



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